Friday, July 9, 2010

Our Final Post

Our trip has sadly come to a close, but the photos, memories, and experiences will last longer than the twenty days we were in Boquete, Panama.

Thanks to Brie's wonderful and creative skills, we have a final picture that wraps up our grand adventure:

Here are a few of the many things we did, saw, and accomplished over twenty days:
1. Walked into Costa Rica
2. Bought and ate fruit in Costa Rica
3. Rafted down the Chiriqui Viejo river to within a mile of the Costa Rican border
4. Ziplined through the canopy and crossed over 2 waterfalls
6. Snorkled over millions of intricate coral and a plethora of brightly colored fish
7. Held starfish and had them get stuck to our hands
8. Played bingo in Spanish
9. Were within two meters of dolphins
10. Visited (and got lost) in a coffee farm
11. Watched a boat pass through the Miraflores locks of the Panama Canal
12. Drank coconut water through a straw from a coconut
13. Drank (and enjoyed) black coffee
14. Ate mangoes for less than 7 cents each
15. Got rained on everyday
16. Ate (and became addicted) to Yucca bread
17. Crawled under a crashed truck on a mountain

We just wanted to say thanks to everyone who read, followed, and commented on our blog. You all helped us still feel connected to home although we were more than a thousand miles away. Gracias por todo,

Con mucho y mucho amor,
Jessica, Alex, Caeley, and Hannah

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  1. Awww, I might cry!!! I really enjoyed commenting on you guyses blog. And I am sad that bacicly nobody commented on my blog but...If you guys wanted to comment it is
    Though I am happy Caeley is home!!! Well this is my last post. I know you were not in Panama to get ice cream today but we will have some tonight :)
    I will see you guys tonight for dinner :)