Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Hola everyone,
Hope all is going well and you are managing the hot nc summer weather!
Though it has been hard on us leaving the town that we have called
home for over two weeks, we have been trying to make the most of our
time in panama city. Yesterday we had fun exploring the mongo mall
connected to our hotel and we had a delicious meal at a
steakhouse...though only alex actually ordered steak and the really
delicious part was most definately the freah baked bread that they
served us beforehand. We enjoyed the musc playing, which Included
instrumental versions of 'hotel california' and 'can you feel the love
tonight'. Hot showers and sleep were nice also.

And today was our touring adventure! We saw the beautiful ruins of the
old city...we wish it wasn't destroyed by pirates so we could have
seen it in all of its incredibleness. We even picked some mangoes from
a tree nearby. They werent exactly edible yet :) but we snacked on
ripe mango and sugar cane later in the car.

We saw an amazing view of The city from The top of the plaza by the
French embassy. And later a neat church with a huge 24 karat gold
altar at the front. And of course the canal! We got to see a ship come
through, which included waving to all the sailors on the boat ;) it
was a Beatriz experience.

Lunch wrapped up a good tour with more good bread and food and the
world cup game. Viva España!

And now we're enjoying resting back at the hotel.

Abrazos and amor to all,
Hasta manana,
Jess, Hannah, Alex, & Caeley


  1. Wow, you guys have had a fantastic trip!!! Thanks for the update!!! See you tomorrow night!!! Have a safe trip!!! Love, Hannah's family and the Poopster

  2. Wow sounds fun and ice cream :(
    I am glad you guys are enjoying the day!!! I hope you all have a good rest of the time you have there and have a safe plane flight back.
    see ya tomorrow.
    Love you Cael,