Monday, June 28, 2010

bocas and back...

Sunday continued the fun in Bocas when after a breakfast of pancakes and eggs and a lot more, we set off to go snorkeling and beach lounging. On the boat ride, we got to meet some dolphins. They were swimming right near where we were---we wanted to jump in and swim with them! Snorkeling was amazing too...the coral and fish were so colorful. Hannah even found some Brouhton colored coral :) The clear water is so incredible.

At the beach, (well besides getting just a tad of sunburn...) we enjoyed the water and a much needed siesta. We also had a yummy picnic lunch of sandwiches, fruit, nachos, and cookies.

Little did we know that leftover food would be in such high demand later! On our way home, we ran into an interesting situation...a huge truck that was blocking the entire road! Ay de Mi! So it was almost six and when we asked how long it might take until we could pass, we heard anything form 3 hours to "manana" (tomorrow). Needless to say, we decided to take the bus home to our Panamanian families (who we were quite missing). So off we went, crawling under the truck with all of our stuff, in the rain, and hopping on a bus to David. By the way, it was so crowded the aisle was not visible! The music was nice though...not really possible to dance to because of space limitations :) but we finally made it home safely to our families and dinner around 9:30. whew. and showers and sleep were wonderful.

We very much enjoyed Bocas and our Gran Aventura.

Mucho amor y abrazos (much love and hugs),

Jess, Alex, Hannah, and Caeley

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  1. Coolio, I love snorkeling and it would be really fun in water that clear.
    Awesome that you all saw dolphins I bet they were very pretty.
    I love you Cael <3