Friday, June 25, 2010

Hoy Fuimos a la Finca! (Today, we went to the coffee farm)

As per the title of this post, we went to a coffee farm! It's the farm that Alex's host family owns. We took a very scenic walk up to the farm (it was difficult considering the walk was straight up hill at about a 40 degree angle)! We had a delicious lunch and then walked around the farm. It was an interesting trek since it was very wet and we fell a lot. But the view of the mountains and the town was gorgeous! Hannah and I were lost for a while when we were distracted by a little mariposa (that means butterfly). But we found Alex and Caeley and our host and returned to the house. Here are a few pictures from today!
PS we celebrated Spain's win in the World Cup with the other students and teachers after a group trip to a beautiful public garden.


  1. Loved the pictures of the coffee farm! - did you show them the packaging from the coffee we can buy in Cary/N.C. from Boquete? Lots of Love, Hannah's family and Camryn

  2. Thanks again for your updates. We really do enjoy reading them and seeing the photos too. Uncle Tim's parents are with us this weekend and wish you a wonderful trip. Love, Aunt G and Uncle Tim, Ross and Elaine

  3. awesome very pretty!!! Glad ya'll are being safe and enjoy the pics.