Thursday, June 24, 2010

This morning was gorgeous and the sun is extremely intense...let's
hope there are no sunburns! We volunteered this morning for 3 hours
with the same kids, they wore us out from running around, jumping on
us, and asking us to spin them around! After we left, we headed over
to the grocery store and bough bread, cheese, ham, chex mix, and
chocolate and brought it to Parque Central to have an impromtu picnic.
We bought postards at a pharmacy, so expect to receive some in the
mail soon!! Now we are hanging out at the school waiting for class.
Hasta luego :)
Jess, Caeley, Alex, and Hannah

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  1. The picnic sounds great - where was your fruit?! I know the kids will miss you !!! Love, Hannah's family and Poopinstein