Friday, June 25, 2010

Quick Observations:
1. They view the floor as being sacred. Or maybe dirty...we don't
really know why but whenever we try to put our bags on it, they
insist that we put them on the table.
2. The phone rings like a fire alarm and the ringback sounds like a
disconnected phone line.
3. Here, it is a good thing to eat A LOT. It shows that you enjoy what
they spent time to make.
4. Taxi are not limited to 5 people! This morning, Caeley and I
entered a cab that already had 3 people in it and then the driver
stopped to pick up another! They squeezed three people into the front
two seats!
4. The people are naturally very welcoming, warm, and affectionate.
They also are very proud of their country and their people, they even
view America as being ONE nation: Alaska to Chile, not just seeing
America has being the USA. We have an interesting story regarding
this idea that we will love to share later!
5. They love rice. We've been averaging two huge servings a day.
Anyways, we didn't have much to update you on since it's early, but we
hope you enjoy those fun facts :)
Caeley, Jess, Alex, and Hannah


  1. Thanks for those fun facts!!! If you notice any others let us know - it is a good way to understand another culture!!! Love, Hannah's family and Camita (the Spanish puppy)

  2. keep on coming with the new names! (it's hannah)