Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Hola padres!
Boquete is beautiful! The town is very small and the main street sort of resembles Kings Street in Boone. Check out the other video for a glimpse of the main road. This video is from our stroll through the forested neighborhoods near Casa Esparanza where we are volunteering. Our trip went smoothly and everyone has been having a great time. Our host families are very nice and cook us LOTS of food! It’s very delicious. The food in the restaurants where we’ve eaten lunch is cheap too. Our lunches cost less than $3!
The volunteer director Roy is very nice…He has been super helpful in learning Boquete--where we can buy cellphones, birthday treats for Hannah, and yummy lunches. We worked at Casa Esperanza (with the kids) today for the first time and he came with us. Los ninos are so great!! We played soccer and math games and read with them, and they loved having pictures taken (and there was also a little girl who loved to take pictures…those turned out with interesting angles J We are volunteering again Thursday.
Classes are good too…we have homework though ahh! Definitely the most helpful Spanish class we have taken, though for hours straight does get challenging. yay for coffee! Don’t worry. We’re not getting addicted. As Alex says “I‘m not addicted, I just need it every day…” The coffee really is tasty though, and some people in Boquete add lots (and lots) of sugar, though it actually is pretty good black.
Tonight we are going to a dinner with the others in HablaYa in a restaurant. We’re excited to meet even more of the students!! Tomorrow we’re going to explore David in the morning, and after class it is movie night!
We hope you are all doing well and se amamos (we love you!)
Caeley, Alex, Hannah, and Jess


  1. Yeah!!! Thank you for the long blog!!! It sounds wonderful - can't wait to see more pictures!!! Love, Hannah's family and Camsters

  2. Love hearing more from you guys. Sounds like fun, and hard work. Look forward to hearing more. love the kanes