Saturday, June 26, 2010

Bocas del Toro (aka Bocas del Beautiful)

Our day began bright and early and before the sun, at the hour of 5:30am. Only one other guy came on the trip, although there were three others from the school who came separately. We rode in a 2010-styled-VW-like-bus, it felt like we were hippies. The music was Spanish rap and helped wake us up! We zipped through the mountains, and at times it felt like we were on roller coaster! But don't worry, we are alive and breathing.
The mountains were gorgeous, massive, had tons of waterfalls, and we had the best view of the valleys and hills of Panama. We had to take a boat to get to Bocas since it is an island, the water was clear and green!
Upon arriving to Bocas, we watched South Korea score a goal on a TV, and then walked to our hotel, which is quaint and cute. Caeley, Jess, and I are rooming together and Alex is in a room with the other guy, Eric (who is French Canadian and speaks very good English and Spanish).
We then took a boat for a long time in the hot, intense sun to Isla Pajaros, a small island that you are not able to dock on or walk on. It's full of animals and we saw many birds!
Afterwards, we took the boat to Bocas del Drago, another part of Bocas del Toro, which is just absolutely gorgeous. It didn't seem real, it seemed like a postcard! We ate lunch there at a restaurant in the sand while watching the US/Ghana game...what a shame that we lost :(
The food was good, but way overpriced compared to our $2/day food costs last week!
Our tour guide took us on a long walk along the coast line and we ended up at a really nice swimming place which had a ton of starfishes! Our boat picked us up there and took us back to where our hotel is. This ride was much nicer since the sun wasn't as strong, the breeze was nice, and the view was (again) gorgeous. We have muchos picturas to show you all!
Right now, we are hanging out and resting at our hotel (which has wi-fi!) until cenar (dinner).
X0X0, Jessica, Alex, Caeley, and Hannah

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  1. Sounds like fun I'm glad you all got to relax at the hotel.