Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Boquete Day 3!

Hola Padres!
Last night we ate dinner with other Habla Ya students at a nice Hostel down the street from the school. They made us homemade pizza and gave us sooo much, it was delicious! We sat across from a Dutch couple, who were extremely nice and we had great conversations with them about Holland, university, and Panama.
We just got back our quick trip to David, which is the capital of the province we are currently in. We took a bus (only 1.45$ each way!) and walked around the downtown area. They have a big and pretty park, many cheap clothing stores (shirts for 1.99$) and delicious fruit that we bought off the streets.
We ate lunch at the same place we did on Monday, and we've learned to love rice and beans since we are served that at least twice a day! Our class starts in 10 minutes, so we are just relaxing now and trying to drink as much coffee as we can before it starts!
We have many pictures to show you, but we can't put all of them up, so we will give you a bit of a preview of our past few days,
Jess, Hannah, Caeley, and Alex


  1. Wow, beautiful pictures!!! It sounds like you guys are having so much fun along with some work :-) Have fun! Love, Hannah's family and poopy

  2. hola padre! esta hannah
    me gusta los muchos nombres de camy

  3. Glad to see more of the country,kids,and landscape... Roy is cute... don't tell him i said that :) I like the pictures alot.

  4. I agree with my sister (at least I think it is my sister as she referred to Camy as 'Poopy') - beautiful pictures and thank you for the updates - I enjoy reading them each day. Love from, Aunt Greta and Uncle Tim (Down Unda)