Sunday, June 20, 2010

Vamos a... Miami

Tonight we're in Miami! After checking out the scene in Coconut Grove, we've sufficiently prepared ourselves for the hopping night life of Boquete. Actually, we're just staying with my family since we have an overnight layover. Our flight was relatively uneventful. Caeley was full body scanned when going through security in RDU. We thought about trying to play Bananagrams despite the fact that I was across the aisle from everyone else. Too bad we were descending so we didn't get to try. We met my Aunt and Uncle and Cousin at the airport and went to dinner in the Grove. The restaurant we chose wasn't necessarily family friendly since there was a very loud live band. Appropriately, they covered Van Halen's 'Panama'! Then we ate some delicious gelato and listened to the top 40 hits in Spanish. We quickly realized that we couldn't understand a word of what was being said. Maybe by the time we come home we'll be able to understand the songs. Tonight we're staying with my family in their living room and getting up early to catch our flight. It's been a fun first day of our adventure and more excitement is sure to come when we actually leave the States tomorrow.


  1. Ha Ha that is funny that Caeley had to go though the full body scan. It sound like ya'll had fun :)


  2. "hopping night life"! LOL - sounds like you all are having fun but don't have too much fun! ;)


  3. Happy 18th Birthday Hannah! We hope you have a great day. Please send us at least 1 postcard from Panama (no need to write much - we just love collecting postcards from around the world). Have fun, be safe. We love you, Aunt Greta and Uncle Tim.