Tuesday, June 29, 2010

We are going to a dinner with the school tonight and it starts at 7,
so we have some to time to hang out before it starts! We found a
really nice bakery called "Shalom Bakery" (although Jess hasn't found
any typical Jewish foods here yet) and they have free wi-fi which we
are currently using. We bought a few pastries to snack on (only 30
cents each!) and we are working away on various things- Jess is
figuring out her classes for Duke, Caeley was talking to her parents,
Alex was just chilling, and I am writing this blog post for you all!
We had a good and filling lunch this afternoon at a restaurant called
Nelvis before our class started. During class it began to rain and
thunder, but by the time class ended, it stopped! In our 20 minute
break, Jess, Caeley, and I got our daily ice cream, it's only 1$ for
three scoops, ¡Que barato! (how cheap!). Anyways, we will be going to
dinner soon, and just wanted to give y'all an update! Hope you are all
surviving the heat!
XOXO, J, Caeley, Alex, and Hannah


  1. Jessica,

    First of all, I can't believe you cut your hair!

    Second of all... DUUUUKKKKEEE SSSSUUCCKKKSS! (I just can't let go of that Carolina chant - and I don't think I'll ever let your college choice go - in other words, expect plenty of Duke comments to come in all of mt subsequent correspondence) (oh - and by the way, congratulations!)

    Third of all, as one of your former teachers, who couldn't be more excited that you are traveling the world (!), I'm curious to know how the experience is affecting your perspective of the world? There's nothing like seeing poverty 1st hand to make you change your thinking.

    Enjoy the rest of your trip.


  2. wow... 3 scoops $1 thats crazy!!! I enjoyed talking with you caeley :) Also, 50 cents for a pastry :) Sounds like fun.

  3. ok Caeley, so Jess is working on her class schedule, maybe you could find the time to do the same this week!! OK, the last of my nagging.
    Ya'll have fun on the canopy tour! Look forward to seeing and hearing about more fun stuff!
    Love, Mom (under Brie's name)

  4. Loved the post - how many pounds have all you'all gained???
    Love Hannah's family and Tupster

  5. Ice cream, Jessica? Really? Love you! Hope you guys are having fun!!